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Our Story

Meet The Chef

Stefania Vito, or as some like to call her "Chefania". 


It all started at the young age of 5 years old. Stefania has always been surrounded by her family and close relatives that share a passion for Argentine food and culture. Inspired by her Mom and Nonna who have crafted endless dishes that brought family and friends together. Stefania LOVED this feeling and wanted to share it with the rest of the world. 


Stefania has experience working in restaurants and hotels for over 15 years of her life but she has not felt that she was making enough of an impact on people. So... she has decided to start something that will allow her to share her passions the Argentinian way. 


Empanadas are a staple in any Argentine household, especially for the Vito's. This meal continuously brings everyone together with the feeling of love and family. 


Stefania's Empanadas started amid the pandemic, she wanted everyone to feel a sense of warmth when everything felt dark. We decided to take our passion with us to share with even more people in Texas. 

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